1. Handmade Fire Pits
    Handmade Fire Pits
    With our own forming method, we can create custom gas fire pits. Because it's the same concrete as your patio, we can maintain the same color and finish.
  2. Hardscape Integrated Patio
    Hardscape Integrated Patio
    A concrete patio raised and isolated by boulders with rock slabs steps as a transition for upper and lower levels of the property.
  3. Concrete Bordered Pavers
    Concrete Bordered Pavers
    Picture frame an awesome feature of pavers by insetting them as the centerpiece of a concrete patio.
  1. Custom Pathways
    Custom Pathways
    Custom pathways can move and sway to match any grade. They can transition into any new or existing patio, pathway or structure.
  2. Traditional Pathways
    Traditional Pathways
    As more traditional pathways typically are square cut, they accentuate rigidity and boldness with defined corners and even grades.
  3. Game Courts
    Game Courts
    Generally very simple, Game courts are square flat concrete pads. Providing an ideal surface for playing many sports such as Basketball, Badminton and Pickle ball.
  1. Split Level Patios
    Split Level Patios
    To help transition in the yard, sometimes it is best to split the patio in to two or more levels, if the property is on a slight grade.
  2. Asphalt Lined Concrete
    Asphalt Lined Concrete
    We work with professionals in other industries to provide every service we can, including asphalting.
  3. Grass Infused Driveway
    Grass Infused Driveway
    Using what we call "Turfstones" (a latice shaped paver with square holes) we can create a path or parking area literally right in your grass.