1. Cedar Decking
    Cedar Decking
    Cedar has a worm rich color if stained and maintained, perfect for that south facing deck.
  2. Synthetic decking
    Synthetic decking
    Synthetic decking has come a long way since it inception, as it is a premium product it stands up to the elements the best and has a long lifespan.
  3. Fir & Larch Decking
    Fir & Larch Decking
    A Fir and Larch Decking is more economical, but holds up very nicely especially if under a Roof or cover.
  1. Plastic Trellis
    Plastic Trellis
    The most economical and easy to install. Plastic trellises are injection molded, cut with a composite blade and placed with screws or nails.
  2. Pre-manufactured Trellis
    Pre-manufactured Trellis
    Fewer options but still very pretty. Pre-manufactured trellises are a good pick for that person just needing a little privacy in the yard.
  3. Custom Trellis
    Custom Trellis
    Custom Trellises are as varied as the imagination. Weather you are looking for contemporary or some really cool antiqued wood, we have options for you.
  1. Deck Covers Pergolas
    Deck Covers Pergolas
    Add a cover over your deck or patio for some relief this summer. Finish it off with some shades designed to protect from the weather.
  2. Screening
    The right plants on a trellis can grow and make a wall that is all but see through, to give you just that much more seclusion.
  3. Custom Railings
    Custom Railings
    Want something a little out of the ordinary? Put some flair on your Deck, stairs or walkway, with a custom hand railing.